Photo courtesy of Claudio Rocha

Photo courtesy of Claudio Rocha

Latinos '08

2009 CINE Golden Eagle Award

Latinos ‘08, a one-hour PBS documentary, examines these new Americans through the prism of the 2008 presidential election. Latinos defy many of our ideas about what an ethnic group is and how it behaves. They do not fit this country's black/white racial binary, and they are less monolithic than many other voting blocs. Yet they are now one of this country's most coveted—and fastest-growing—group of voters. Latinos '08 investigates a wide range of questions about the past, present, and future of this important electorate.



"Intriguing ideas"
"Isn’t afraid to turn conventional wisdom on its head"


"Higher truth-telling"


"'Latinos '08' offers nuanced view of election. Rodriguez's latest production is crafty, engaging and fun. This is not your father's documentary."